_collaborative covering

Producers, let’s make your Grito bigger together!


This campaign will invest  on the collaborative covering for each city festival edition, so that will happend real time during the programming, organizing a team with collaborators for each one of the Festival communication acting fronts, ex.: photographers, writers, videomakers and designers, social network.


So, let’s strenghten up this adrenaline even more?


Follow the tip and instructions to make an incredivel record of you Grito!


– Make a copy of Collaborative Coverage Register
– Publicize on social network at least 2 weeks earlier than the event
– Contact communication partners to disclose the subscription
– Make at least two more form diffusion posts before the meeting
– Make a candidate selection or select all of them
– Call the coverage inscribed people and confirm a presencial meeting  at least 02 weeks before the festival.


– Set a collaborative coverage meeting at least 2 days before the event
– Call and send an email to the register approved staff with date, place and time of the meeting.
– Make a copy of the 2017 GR Coverage Planning and fulfill the programmation tab
– During the meeting, do a presentation round and make a contact list (get email, phone, twitter, facebook, instagram)
– Fulfill with the selected people the coverage Planning schedule tab, delegating each one a function. Preferentially use a projector, so all can see it.
– Elect a hashtag to unify the event content production. Ex.: #GRPelotas
– Make a WhatsApp or Telegram group (much better to text and pictures sending) with the present ones.
– Share the spreadsheet with the collaborators and send the link to the Telegram group.
– Assure internet connection to the coverage team during the event days.
– Summon a new coverage planning meeting two hours before the event starts to set up the communication room and review the planning.


– If possible, perform a formation workshop on the coverage chosen areas one day before the Festival starts.
– Make the workshops during a whole afternoon, with the simultaneous modules: Real Time Photography, Video / Live, Writing, Social Networks, Design.

For more information about the workshops, or to invite someone to apply the workshop on your town, call us on telegram: @driadeaguiar



– Communication room set up
– Checking social networks movement using the chosen hashtag
– The event communication responsible coordinates the produced content publications.
– Photos, text, and videos go to the coverage chat, Communication manager makes a “short list” and publishes together with the networks team.
– Make a daily report with the daily generated weblinks compilation, separating by lingo.
– Debates every day, at the beginning of the day, how was the previous day, based on the report.



– Generate final report with weblinks, access numbers, team results. Make a copy of this:
– Review and finalize the fulfillment
– Summon another meeting to debate a formation / continuity plans of an Integrated Medias chorum based on this experience.
– Send us a final report telling how it was! 🙂


Enter the links and prepare the covering of your Grito!


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