This official notice intends to select producers who are interested in participating of Grito Rock 2018, developing integration of brazilian cultural agents and agents of other countries in the biggest collaborative festival of the continent.

Grito Rock is a web-like festival, being executed concomitantly in many cities and countries of Latin America, Central America and others. It happens during the celebration period correspondent to the brazilian carnaval and it is a complementary option to the traditional carnaval celebrations..


-To establish criterias for the organization of Grito Rock 2018 in the cities integrated by the project.

-To select the responsibles/producers for Grito Rock 2018.

-To map and strengthen the producers’ contacts network related to Grito Rock in all the Latin American continent.

-To promote professionalisation and improvement of the events happening in each place.


1- If the subscribed producer has his/her subscription confirmed, he/she must comply with the following conditions:

– Be responsible for Grito Rock 2018’s edition between 18 February to 31 March 2018.

– Make the local event web-like, sharing the production information with the other producers and work groups.

– Make use of the brand/logo, as well as the partners and sponsors’ brand/logos, as in the Term of Media.

– Take part in the national publicity campaigns, as well as assist the press/media of the festival in your city and share the clipping collected.

– Participate in at least 03 (three) campaigns proposed by the Festival – Make your Stand, Hospeda Cultura campaign, build your Compacto.tec, Pós-TV, Grito.Doc, and others.

2. Organization of the local edition in different formats:

– Free event in public spaces, private and/or others.
– Paid event in private spaces, public and/or others with affordable prices to all.
– Have the duration of 01 or more days.
– Be organised during the day and/or night.

3. Local fund-raising, in the modalities of support and/or cultural sponsorship.


The subscriptions that follow these prerequisites will be accepted:

– The producer who will organise the GR for the first time must have a history of works in the independent music scene proved by sending a resumed personal or organization/collective CV, clipping of the events produced, attachments with links, and other materials; the email should be sent to gritorock@foradoeixo.org,br.

– The producer must fill in the registration form with all the informations asked.


All the producers will receive email, Facebook contact and/or phone contact from Grito Rock team to confirm the registered city register. In case of more than one producers interested in performing the Festival on the city, we suggest the production to be made as partnership and in a collaborative way. Producers that have already performed early editions will have priority, but this criteria may as well be evaluated by Grito Rock management, if necessary.


– Questions that were not foreseen in this regulament will be assessed and decided under the exclusive criteria of Grito Rock Coordenation Team.

– Doubts and/or suggestions can be sent and/or clarified through the email address gritorock@foradoeixo.org,br .

– The act of registration implies in the automatic and integral agreement with the terms of this Regulament/Public Notice.


Search the management center:

Contact: Felipe Altenfelder
Email: gritorock@foradoeixo.org,br
Telephone: 55 11 991404567