Grito Rock on your hand!

Grito Rock in your hands! Who doesn’t want a quick, agile and easy communication? Knowing the news, answer doubts anda connecting with this big network? The Fora do Eixo Digital Culture front introduce you the solution with the GriTelegram campaign!

The Telegram message app focused on speed and safety OS quick, simple anda cree. You can use Telegrama on all tour gadgets – at the same time – tour messages will be syncked in all your cell phones, tablets or computers. 

With Telegram you’ll may receive anda send messages, photos, videos and files of any kind. Differently of other communication apps, instead of using Telegram you sync all your data in a cloud, meaning, you don’t loose any data. Still: ia a free software! The Grito Rock supports the code free developed tools because believez in a collaborative and network made enterprises!

Enter the Play Store, download Telegram and access the links!
Enter Telegram Grito Channel: https://t.me/festivalgritorock
Access Telegram by browser: https://web.telegram.org/
Download the app to your phone: https://telegram.org/
Doubts about the Tele? Access: https://telegram.org/faq/br

Welcome to the GR Matrix! <3