And if your Grito edition were docummented?

The festival that gets to it’s 10th edition, create intense connections between the people that brings on the pack diverse lingos, forming a pulsing network of independent culture . 500 cities, 40 countries and 120 months consolidating campaigns, tours, new bands, debates, audiovisual, fashion, gastronomy, rock, rap, funk, samba – all network made.

To register all the pre production until post production process of the Grito Rock that will happend in your city, telling stories through diverse views, the Grito.DOC arise as one of the festival communication campaigns.

The idea is each city produce a docummentary with interviews, concert coverages images, workshops, debates showing the made in network collaborative construction of the biggest integrated festival of the world.

We created here a booklet to give you some audiovisual producing tips:

Let’s go? Subscribe and documment it!